03 April 2010

Happy Peep-ster

This probably isn't as enthralling if you aren't an avid viewer of Project Runway. Yet, the cute factor cannot be denied.

Happy Easter!

01 April 2010

It's April, Fools

(Title sounds best when read with snooty English accent, in case anyone was wondering.)

Make sure to take a break from leaving the salt shaker cap unscrewed, offering your loved ones cookie tins full of springy snakes, and other such prankery to celebrate a most important doctor. Dr. Martens, natch.

Today marks the brand's 50th anniversary, and to commemorate they've launched a site full of new-meets-nostalgia goodies. Check out this clip, for a start, which features everyone's favorite combat boot sporting, punk rock warlords, The Clash:

The clip really tries hard to drive home the boots' "non-conformist" appeal. (Nothing like a middle-aged guy in black nail polish to say "rebellion', eh?) Yet they are one of the only items I can think of, clothing wise, that has truly stuck with so many disparate sub-cultures, and of course the mainstream public. They match with absolutely everything, even when they don't.

And for that, Dr. Martens, we salute you.