31 December 2009

.... And So It Begins

Whether by the celebrations and gift-hunting bustle of the holiday season, or admitted procrastination, the start of this blog has been pushed back quite a ways. So, finally, we at Smashy Smashy thought there would be no better time to make our debut than right on the evening of the year's end, on the cusp of a new decade full of unforeseen possibility, and during a blue moon at that. (Perhaps starting the blog now would also do some good, in a symbolic way, to quash any possible future procrastination; we can say we've already got a head-start on 2010!)

Our first published post will be cut short of course, as we, like billions of people around the world, prepare for the festivities and fireworks tonight will bring. But in the near future expect a site redesign, at the very least.

It is with excitement and anticipation that we usher in this New Year, and this new venture. We hope to see you along the way for all that it brings.

THIS is Smashy Smashy.