27 February 2010

JPG for Target Hi-Res Pics & Nylon Ed.

Pics of Jean-Paul Gaultier's Target line were released a few weeks ago. See them in all their hi-res glory. Compared to the photo seen in last month's issue of Elle, the styling leaves something to be desired. What made the clothes look better in the Elle pic, I think, was the restricted color palette; it made everything gel into a cohesive collection, as opposed to the wacky splashes of neon found in the rest of the line. Here's a new shot from March's Nylon mag, where things look a little more mismatched-in-a-good-way:

(scanned by me)

According to the press release, the collection is based on American style icons, drawing from rock, punk, hip-hop, ingenuĂ© style, and hollywood glamour. A short clip posted on Target's site cuts up the collection by "looks". While some of them are straightforward-- a punk-rock moto jacket, a flouncy halter dress reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe--others seem like more of a marketing stretch. Since when did hip-hop style involve army striped trench coats?

The collection, like so many of Target's, basically boils down to a second-hand approximation of the designer's aesthetic. Pinstripes? Check. Bustier dress? Check. Egregiously knocked-off tattoo prints? Double check. However, some of the pieces seem like they would make good fun. Trench coats and breton stripes are perennial classics, after all.
Photo: Target.com
  • The aforementioned motorcycle jacket, retail $199.99. The bold red accents make this less versatile than your average black jacket, but why would any JPG aficionado want just an average jacket, eh?
The line launches March 7th and will be available at 250 Target stores nationwide; see the site linked above for the full list.