01 April 2010

It's April, Fools

(Title sounds best when read with snooty English accent, in case anyone was wondering.)

Make sure to take a break from leaving the salt shaker cap unscrewed, offering your loved ones cookie tins full of springy snakes, and other such prankery to celebrate a most important doctor. Dr. Martens, natch.

Today marks the brand's 50th anniversary, and to commemorate they've launched a site full of new-meets-nostalgia goodies. Check out this clip, for a start, which features everyone's favorite combat boot sporting, punk rock warlords, The Clash:

The clip really tries hard to drive home the boots' "non-conformist" appeal. (Nothing like a middle-aged guy in black nail polish to say "rebellion', eh?) Yet they are one of the only items I can think of, clothing wise, that has truly stuck with so many disparate sub-cultures, and of course the mainstream public. They match with absolutely everything, even when they don't.

And for that, Dr. Martens, we salute you.

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