20 October 2010


Didn't get a chance to post this yesterday, so I figured I should at least post something before Game 4 starts this evening.

I won't rehash the details. But I will say that considering how many of the "experts" were predicting an easy sweep by the Phillies, it is totally cool for the Giants to be ahead, with two more home games to go.

A few observations from yesterday's game (that have nothing to do with the actual game):
  •  Zooey Deschanel sang "God Bless America" during the 7th inning stretch. (Apparently Ben Gibbard sang the National Anthem, but I missed that part.) I'm not really a fan of either, but kudos to SF for thinking outside the box.
  • The main guitar riff from Franz Ferdinand's "The Fallen" plays during the NFL on Fox commercials. In which case, perhaps we can get one or more of them to sing the anthem during the 2011 season. I know they're technically Scottish, but still....
  • Saw a promo for the new season of Human Target. The first season was so-so, but I'm actually looking forward to the new one. Chuck, my go-to comedic-spy-action show, has gotten a little bogged down by "relationship issues" of late. So I'm hoping Human Target will provide a nice counterpoint in that respect.

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