24 January 2011

The Name's Chance

The Name's Chance
The Name's Chance by PunkyBunky on Polyvore.com

Based on a super-cool show that everyone should watch (no, really), Human Target. And it's in danger of being cancelled. Since I would be bummed if this happened, I feel I should try to hook as many Polyvore people on this show as possible.

Need a few reasons why? 1) It's about a former-assassin-turned-good-guy bodyguard for hire and his team. 2) It's got Mark Valley, aka Keen Eddie. 3) One of his sidekicks is played by Jackie Earle Haley, the guy who played Rorschach--pretty awesome. The other is Chi McBride, formerly of Pushing Daisies--also pretty awesome.

Admittedly, the second season's been a bit hit-and-miss, but the latest eps are a ton of fun, action movie type stuff. So give it a shot, people. Last 5 eps are available free on Hulu. New ep airs Jan 31st at 8 pm!

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